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About Us

Hummel Insurance Services is fully committed to providing you the direct attention you need when shopping for and maintaining insurance coverage. Security is not a commodity and we take pride in the relationships we form with our customers that allow us to be the most effective insurance agents around. You and your assets are unique, so your service must be tailored to best fit your needs.

Your relationship with Hummel Insurance Services doesn’t stop once we’ve worked together to form your policy. Proper risk management is an ongoing process and can only be achieved through an active relationship with your agent. We regularly monitor, update, and research your policy so that you stay one step ahead of the industry while continually finding ways to save money.

Insurance is a confusing topic and often times, customers are rushed out the door without fully understanding their products. The team at Hummel Insurance Services firmly believes that educating clients is the only way that we can properly make informed decisions together. As a testament to this, we are founding members of the National Society of Agents for Consumer Education, as well as members of the Midwest Insurance Agency Alliance.